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The Problem: an Outdated Online Presence

There was once a time when just having a basic website was enough to effectively have an online presence. Unfortunately, those days have very much ended and now having a strong online presence requires a special set of skills and a thorough understanding of how complex search engines and social media platforms work. In addition, deep insights for decision-making can be derived from advanced data analytic platforms. Improper implementation and analysis of these analytics leads to a great opportunity cost.

Until this point, most companies haven’t realized the missed opportunities that confining your digital strategy to a basic website causes. A lot of the time, a company’s website is seen as a peripheral marketing tool to their traditional marketing initiatives. The fact is a company’s website and digital presence can be much more. Let’s talk about the specific issues caused by restricting your company to a website.

Search engines, such as Google, have special algorithms that analyze your website and try to understand what it is about and if it has validity. Without taking into account how Google analyzes your website, you will end up lacking a search engine presence. Furthermore, by not organizing and curating your website’s content, you will face the issue of not driving targeted traffic and low search engine rankings.

Social media presence is another area of digital marketing that is often overlooked or haphazardly implemented. Like search engines, social media platforms have complex algorithms that affect how much you are presented and to whom you are presented.

Many companies do not have a dedicated digital marketing department necessary for capitalizing on digital marketing opportunities. While some do, the hiring and management of a digital marketing and web development team is complex and costly.

Ultimately, ignoring digital marketing opportunities leads to a lack of qualified leads from digital marketing channels and poor digital brand recognition.

Our Solution: An Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

We offer integrated digital marketing packages that include everything needed to maximize your online presence and drive targeted traffic which will lead to fruitful website conversions.

Client Discovery & Market Analysis

Our business analyst meets with you to learn about your high-level business goals. Through competitive analysis and industry research, we will partner with you to develop a customized marketing strategy. We take client discovery extremely seriously.

Keyword Research & Content Strategy

We will determine each content page’s focus keyword and supporting keywords selected from the developed keyword portfolio. We take in account the client’s desired target buyer personas and leverage existing keywords. Competitive keyword research and analysis will be performed on all selected target keywords. This Competitive analysis will gather information pertaining to the competition’s strategy and help determine how we can best compete for our target keywords. Finally, we will use all this information to map out a content strategy blueprint for each content page in terms of keywords, content flow, internal linking, and other elements.

Content Creation

We will create new page content, or optimize existing content, based on the content strategy blueprint. Using the AIDA approach to content writing, we will produce effective content that maximizes conversion potential. Once all copywriting efforts are completed, we will ensure compliance with the current copywriting guidelines.

Web Design & Development

Our plans will provide your company with a cutting-edge, technically optimized website. This digital asset will act as the epicenter for all digital marketing efforts.

On-site Optimization

Your website will be optimized based on the targeted keywords we research and technical site-wide optimization. We optimize the website and its content pages to ensure each component is SEO-Ready in terms of Google’s Current SEO Guidelines.

Digital Paid Ads

Whether it’s through Social Media Ads or Google Ads, our experts will create campaigns designed to drive quality traffic to your website.

Social Media Marketing

We will work with you to put together social media campaigns to connect you with your clients. In addition, we will optimize your social media profiles and grow your social media following.

Email Marketing

Targeted email marketing will keep your brand in the mind of your clients. Properly placed calls to action will help convert your leads into sales.

Video Marketing

We will help create short promotional videos for your company. We will use these to enhance the website’s content. Furthermore, we will create a YouTube page for your company, upload the videos to YouTube, and optimize your YouTube page and video listings.

Data Analytics & Reporting

The data analytics will be primarily implemented with the Google Analytics Suite. We will set up and configure Google Analytics to collect, organize, analyze and present website data analytics in a streamlined fashion.

About Bar Harbor Web Design

Bar Harbor Web Design is a boutique digital marketing agency that specializes in the execution of cutting-edge digital marketing strategies for companies looking to enhance their digital presence and expand their digital reach.

Our number one focus is to understand your business-level goals and provide you with the most effective solution that will get you the results that you need. Only once we’ve gotten a firm understanding of your current market position, digital presence, and business goals do we continue to develop a customized project plan for you.

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